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Profit Share Schemes

How can you really engage your employees and ensure that they share your motivation as business owner?  We believe that employee rewards or bonus should be objective, transparent and linked to the achievement of the business owners’ goals.  Our virtual finance directors use a decision tree methodology to tailor our tried and tested profit share or bonus schemes to fit your needs as business owner.

Share Option Schemes

Are you considering issuing Shares to your senior employees or Directors?  What are the Pros and Cons of issuing Shares or Share Options?  What are the possible ‘Bear traps’ that many unwary business owners fall into?  As virtual finance directors we bring business owners up to speed with a briefing white paper, design the best scheme for you using our decision tree methodology, before co-ordinating professional support to efficiently implement your bespoke scheme.

Profit share schemes

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Share Option Schemes

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Finance meeting

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Stuart – MD and business owner


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Val K – MD and Owner