Management Buy Outs

You want your Management Buy Out to happen, but where can you find the funds you need?  How do you value the business?  How can your secure the backing of key stakeholders?  Lenders and investors are professionals who will only lend or invest in businesses where they rate the management.  This is where adding a virtual finance director (VFD) to your team will really boost your chances of landing the deal.  Our experienced VFDs work with Lenders and Private Equity providers to secure funds, and love making good deals happen.

Business sale to Employees

Are you an Owner Manager wishing to sell on your business to a younger and ambitious Management Team? Or you might be a senior Manager or Director who would love to buy out an existing shareholder?  Either way the rewards for a successful deal can be substantial.

How can you navigate your way through the many complexities of doing such a deal?  You will need to evaluate whether an MBO can be pulled off, negotiate the Valuation, and to understand how much funding could be raised to support the deal.  See our MBO Deal Key Stages for more info.  What about hiring experienced Corporate Lawyers? vfdnet part time or Virtual Finance Directors love working with Management Teams and Owner Managers to help make MBO deals happen!

vfdnet provides qualified Finance Directors who have strong experience of working with growing SME businesses, and who have good experience of making MBOs happen, having done many similar deals from both the Management sand the Owner Manager sides.

Our vfdnet Virtual Finance Director (VFD) will work with you to help make your MBO happen by:

  • Evaluating the business Valuation
  • Identifying likely funding sources & prepare the Business Plan
  • Negotiating and managing corporate lawyers
  • Tendering bank borrowing including covenants
  • Advising Directors on representations & warranties
  • Unblocking barriers to deals

Benefits of this service are:

    1. Experienced deal makers
    2. Access funding from many sources
    3. Negotiate robustly with Banks & other funders
    4. Protect the interest of Directors

Contact vfdnet for a no obligation discussion. vfdnet FDs have strong commercial experience, having been involved in fundraisings, venture capital, acquisitions, business sales, MBOs and IPOs.  This places them well to help Management Teams and Business Owners navigate the complexities of their MBO deal.

Client Testimonial

The addition of a part time Finance Director from vfdnet made for a cracking management team to negotiate and complete our MBO.  Although the MBO process was uncertain and difficult at times, vfdnet ensured that we remained focussed on forging ahead with the business, and really helped make the deal happen.  With a strong market position as a leading waterless printer, together with a highly motivated management team that owns the business we now look forward to the future with confidence

CEO, Successful SME Printing Business

Note: You can also download a factsheet on selling a business in html or pdf format.


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Business sale to Employees

“The addition of a part time Finance Director from vfdnet made for a cracking management team to negotiate and complete our MBO…and really helped make the deal happen…” Read More >>

Gareth D – MD

“It was great having the experience of our Virtual Finance Director to facilitate and project manage our Buy Out.  James introduced professional advisers, who worked well together as a team, helping us overcome the…” Read More >>

Stuart – MD and Owner

Business sale to Employees

Vfdnet completes Print Company fundraising and helps negotiate Management Buy Out (MBO). Gareth D – Managing Director commented: “The addition of a part time Finance Director from vfdnet made for a cracking management team to negotiate and complete our MBO…and really helped make the deal happenRead More >>


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Business sale to Employees

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