So your business needs funds?  Who will provide funds – high street banks, challenger banks, business angels or private equity funds?  Our experienced virtual finance directors know where to hunt for funds for your business and how to secure them on acceptable terms.  Routinely, we generate realistic cash flow forecasts, write a professional business plans, arrange funding tender meetings and secure necessary funding.


What is the best source of funding for your business? We can advise you and help deliver funding to good businesses through the following methods, please click on your area of interest:

Business Grants

Can you get Grant funding? How to increase your chances of finding other fund providers.

Bank Funding

What are the lending criteria for Banks? How can you best present your business to a Bank? Could you qualify for a Small Firms Loan Guarantee?

Private Investor or Venture Capital Funding

How do Venture Capital funds evaluate businesses? What process can you expect? How to attract VC funding.

Raising Funds

“We retained the services of our vfdnet Virtual Finance Director (VFD) to advise on the funding of the acquisition of another company that we had targeted.  Our VFD recommended going down the Small Firms…” Read More >>

Mike M – MD and Owner

Business plan

How could an up to date Business Plan help you?

If you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you have arrived? You may know that you need a Business Plan, or have an old plan that has not… Read More >>


Where to Hunt for Funding?

You may be contemplating an acquisition or even considering selling your business to your Management Team via an MBO (see our earlier newsletter ‘Could your… Read More >>

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