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Enjoy the benefits of downloading these helpful white paper studies:

Share Options

  • Share Option White paper – gem up on this area by reading our thorough briefing paper.


  • This is a narrative Business Plan template, complete with the key questions which a Lender or Investor would typically ask

Preparing a Business for Sale

  • Jargon Buster – de-bunks the Financial jargon around selling a business.


  • This sets out a typical Virtual Finance Function, splitting out the duties between the internal Bookkeeper, a Virtual Financial Controller and a deal experienced Virtual Finance Director.

Management Buy Out

  • MBO White paper which will brief you on: How to prepare for a Buy Out?  Have you got any gaps in your Management Team?  How should you Value your target business?  What types of Funding sources are available?

Understanding Finance

  • PowerPoint presentation explaining how to Understand Finance
  • Jargon Buster – explains the language we Finance people slip into very easily; enables you to strip through the jargon.