Strategy – Assessing the risks of Growth

Financial growth picture, expressed as a plant

Strategy – Assessing the risks of Growth

Growing your business will involve risk. As a smart business owner you will want to:

  • Understand the risks
  • Minimise risks

One of the ways you can understand better your business risks is by reviewing your business using the Ansoff Matrix.

The Ansoff Matrix:

Assessing risks using the Ansoff Matrix:

  1. Determine existing products (or services) and markets being served – Low risk
  2. Review growth opportunity – is it 3, 4 or 5 below?
  3. New product to existing customers – Medium risk
  4. Existing product to new customers – Medium risk
  5. New Product to new Customers –High risk

A further way to minimise your business risk is to prepare a Financial model to forecast your business, this enables you to run different scenarios and understand the impacts on cash.  See our page on Financial Modelling or contact us for more details


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