Are you ready to break free from working full-time as an FD or FC for one employer?

Are you ready for a portfolio finance career?

Are you ready to break free from working full-time as an FD or FC for one employer?

Working out if leaving your FD role in a business for a portfolio finance career is right for you or not, is a big decision. At vfdnet we want to help you make the right decision for you based on key facts and weighing up the pros and cons.

Perhaps you are considering voluntary redundancy, the business you are working with is merging or you simply desire more time with your family – these life events are a wonderful opportunity to review your finance career and potentially take a different direction.

A level playing field

When I started developing vfdnet in 2009, my objective was (and is today):

“How can I level the playing field for new FDs and FCs so that they can rapidly compete effectively with experienced portfolio FDs?”

The vfdnet model was created! It combines the following tools and resources to help you succeed from the start:

  • Business development tools, a series of diagnostic solutions under the name, ReadiMap® . Each asks 30-90 questions and plots the results as a radar diagram giving an instant picture of areas of strength and development. From a Start Up to Exit ReadiMap. A perfect route to start work with a business owner, building trust and accountability.
  • Experienced mentoring
  • Associate collaboration
  • Networking and self-development

What factors can make a portfolio finance career attractive?

  • A more balance between work and life
  • Step off the treadmill
  • Spend more time with family
  • Choose your hours
  • Work independently
  • Retired but you don’t wish to stop altogether
  • Revive your career with new challenges
  • Get out of the rut and learn new things
  • Spread risk
  • Increase the breadth of your experience you get from working in different industries, SMEs have different issues to explore.

It’s a mindset thing

You may be feeling you’ve had enough of the big corporate world. Do you long to get outside of the political bubble? Perhaps you no longer feel your advice is listened to.

You can make a true difference to SMEs seeking solid but flexible FD or FC experience to help support their business growth. You can gain the confidence of the MD and be their listening ear. Your honest opinion is welcome, in fact, expected! They want to hear it,  not what you think they want to hear or for your opinions to be swayed by other people’s views or status.

You should have an open mind towards change and applying technology.

Compare portfolio finance with full-time or interim FD & FC

portfolio finance career comparative table

You’re not on your own

vfdnet are a community of supportive FDs and FCs running their own business. By joining as an associate, you have instant access to different experiences and sectors. In addition, there are many other benefits as a vfdnet associate, including mentoring and access to a range of business development tools. All of that is useful to know but you’ll probably have questions in your head at this point in time.

Talk it through

James Shand BSc FCA CF – Director
James Shand – Founder vfdnet

It’s a big decision moving away from perhaps a full-time role or interim work. You will talk to your family and friends perhaps but there is nothing quite like having a confidential chat with someone who has been where you are and is working as a Virtual FD. Please reach out and arrange a no-obligation chat with James Shand.

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