Transforming Finance & Governance

Raising Funds

New Systems

Our service business employs c 2,500 people with a turnover of approximately £5Om pa. Our experienced Virtual Finance Director, Peter was brought into the business on a part time basis to replace the previous accountant. Peter quickly established that the accounting systems used at that time were not sufficient to maintain adequate financial control and provide the information the management needed to drive the business forward. Peter put a plan to the board to overhaul the accounting systems and processes and then quickly implemented new systems and reorganised the accountants department in line with the agreed plan.


With better financial visibility and the implementation of a good quality forward planning regime it became apparent that the company needed to change the way it did business and how it was organised. ln 2010 I was brought in as Managing Director and Peter helped me reorganise the business and

implement a profit improvement plan. As part of this implementation Peter hired in a first rate Chartered Accountant to run the finance function on a day to day basis and handed over responsibility for financial control to him. Peter then changed his role to that of a periodic consultant.

Ongoing VFD services

We still use Peter’s services to review and comment on key financial reports and to contribute to internal debates on strategy as well as a role as my sounding board. Peter is a first rate accountant with excellent people skill and an ability to quickly see what is and isn,t working within the finance function and the business generally and to help put it right. He is hands on and efficient in the projects he undertakes and always delivers on what has been agreed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend him to you.