Why Join vfdnet

As a vfdnet Associate you and your business have the potential to soar. Whether you are just leaving the corporate world as a Financial Director or Financial Controller or have been building up your own portfolio of clients as a Virtual FD or FC.

You have access to like-minded people, peer to peer networking, personal development, support, mentoring and diagnostic tools to create business opportunities.

If you are going to jump into a portfolio finance career: reduce the risk

Jump with vfdnet Associates!

Why Join vfdnet

At vfdnet we believe in doing ‘good business’ and having the right associates who align themselves to this and our values is key. In addition to what you would expect from a membership group, such as regular meetings with guest speakers, business development opportunities and utilising the value of the ‘team’, vfdnet associates gain advantage over other portfolio FDs or FCs.

How? We help you to make wise decisions about your business with advice and mentoring by James Shand and Carl Tomlinson who have many years of portfolio finance experience. Combine this with 20 pragmatic diagnostic tools which help turn prospects into paying clients.

Interested in becoming an associate? Have a look at our joining criteria and start the process.

Hear from vfdnet Associates

We’ve invited associates to share their stories of how vfdnet has been instrumental in their successful portfolio finance careers.

Barry, Virtual FD and vfdnet Associate for many years

“I was going through a time in my career when I was trying to decide if I wanted to be involved in corporate politics in a large company until I eventually retired. As part of my thinking, in June 2015, I attended a seminar at the ICAEW in London and I heard James present. I thought about what he said on the train going home, slept on it, discussed it with my wife over breakfast and resigned from my job the next day. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision and I have really enjoyed the variety of roles and industries – there is a genuine feeling that you are helping clients who really want your advice as well as being responsible for developing your own client base.

I would thoroughly recommend vfdnet as a great partner to develop your portfolio career. 

Barry shares his story on his decision to take a portfolio career. He explains why he decided to join vfdnet and the benefits he has felt from being an associate. Read about his transition from Group CFO to Portfolio FD.

Living our Values

Values drive our decisions and relationships at vfdnet. It’s what guides how (and who) we work with clients, partners and associates.

One of our core values is ‘We treat our Associates the way we would wish to be treated‘.

What does this mean in practice?

Let Graham and our other vfdnet associates explain:

Graham joined vfdnet as an associate and we agree any new business that comes from an existing proposal will be ringfenced, so commission is only paid on new clients gained after joining vfdnet. However, he forgot to list a prospect who came through after he became an associate. We came to a mutual agreement on paid commission to take him at his word, create trust and be fair. Graham is now a loyal vfdnet licensee.

vfdnet operates under a code of ethics and values. This was important to me, and it also is reflected in the high esteem that the network, and James Shand, is held in.”

Will, VFC

Mentoring our Associates

vfdnet help you develop new business through mentoring. Andy made a proposal to a prospect that was not accepted, with the prospect saying ‘sorry this is not the right time’. Following Andy’s mentoring session with his area leader, Andy changed the proposal, won the client and is now operating as a successful Virtual Finance Director. Adding much value to the client, so benefiting himself, the client and the area leader – everyone wins with our shared income model!

“The mentoring is invaluable. The difference between being employed by one employer for whom you work full-time, compared with working for yourself is immense. You are not only working for a variety of clients part-time, but also managing your own business. You have to be on top of things like finding work, ensuring you are complying with all regulations, marketing yourself, networking, working out what to charge, what to be careful of etc. Initially there is a very steep learning curve, and one wants as much help to learn all the extra skills you need, to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.”

Andy, VFD

Tools for vfdnet Associates

vfdnet has developed several diagnostic tools to enable associates to help clients solve their financial problems, or help you to have a conversation with prospective clients. They allow for a quick analysis of the business which means as a Virtual FD or Virtual FC you can get to know the organisation, goals and financial picture to provide focused financial leadership.

“One of the key commercial benefits I derive from vfdnet membership is the suite of diagnostic tools. These enable me to offer clients a fixed price for a detailed analysis of an aspect of their business, without reinventing the wheel each time I engage. Clients value the visual presentation of results and the clear pathway which emerges from these tools.”

Carl, VFD

Value for our Associates

You can join vfdnet and enjoy all the benefits of the vfdnet model, for approximately 2 days fees.

After joining, we are highly invested in your success, as we work on a revenue sharing basis. As a result, we only want to work with those who are well suited to a portfolio career and are keen to apply the vfdnet model and develop their own flourishing business.

“My membership has delivered far more than I dared hope.”

Will, VFD

Supporting vfdnet Associates

We listen and support you. You’re not alone.

Jane was caught in a CEO scam and lost a lot of money. It can happen to the best of us. We were keen to support her through this rough financial patch and retain her skills as an associate so we gave her a partial rebate on commission paid. Jane was very grateful and continues to be a great vfdnet advocate.

Is a Portfolio Finance Career For You?

If you’re considering a portfolio career but would like the added benefit of a supportive and collaborative team to guide and support you book a call with James Shand. Even if you decide it’s not for you right now it’s worth 30 minutes to explore with him in confidence and come to that conclusion.