The deal is done, what’s your next move?

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The deal is done, what’s your next move?

So, you’re the Finance Director of a company that’s on the verge of a major transaction. You have been at the core of the process from due diligence, preparing all the finance documentation and working closely with the legal counsel. It’s been pressured, and your life has been overtaken by work.

You’re about to complete. All your hard work and commitment mean you’re in line for a healthy payout. But is there a seat for you around the newly formed management table?

You’ve enjoyed helping the business through this. Whether you were on the buy side or sell side, you have the tools to make the process efficient and you know how to make a business attractive to a buyer. Could this be valued elsewhere? Yes!

Your FD skills and experience of managing a business sale, or purchase, are needed in the SME world, where business owners and their management teams need guidance towards successful growth and exits. Do you feel it’s time for a change?

Your Life as an FD Following a Business Sale

Business owners are seeking your experience. Now is the time to take stock and consider your next move.

1. Leave the large corporate world. Less pressure, less noise and leave the politics behind. Feel a greater sense of self-worth working with a small business where you’ll have the ear of the MD, and you’ll feel valued.

2. Use your experience of working on a business sale (perhaps you’ve been involved in more than one!) to support an owner-managed business increase its business value, efficiency and successful business sale.

3. Have you missed the entrepreneurial spirit? Leave the red tape behind. It’s time to feel the passion and have fun, yes fun at work! Be your own boss and create your own personal success in business!

4. Harness your skills and the professional network you’ve built up. Work with trusted people and network with like-minded professionals.

5. A better work/life balance, or at least the balance you seek. I imagine the balance has been missing especially during the ‘deal making’ period. Have a more rounded lifestyle and gain control over your free time.

If these resonate with you, there are other benefits to breaking free from being an employed FD.

Take Your First Move

Your last deal has given you greater financial security and it could be the right time to do those things you’ve promised yourself. You don’t need to leave your financial career behind or go it alone. vfdnet provide support, mentoring and tools to get you moving in the right direction from the start.

Consider a portfolio finance career where you choose who you work with as their part-time Virtual FD. Attract clients with the same values as you, in sectors you align with. Use your skills and experience of a business sale to guide business owners through the deal of their lifetime. It’s their ‘baby’ and so they are very passionate but need your direction.

If you’re interested in finding out about the reality of what it’s like as a Virtual FD you can ask your questions to James Shand, vfdnet Founder. He has opened up his calendar to you and happy to share his years of experience.

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