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These talks can be delivered to a network, membership body, peer group or in-house with senior managers. We are regularly adding to these so if there is a topic you’d like covered please get in touch.


Considering a business sale but it’s not worked out? Are you now thinking about an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) but don’t know how it compares to a Management Buyout or the benefits?

Find out:

  • the basic financial aspects of an EOT deal.
  • how the process is different to a trade sale or Management Buy-Out (MBO).
  • why a business owner would be attracted by an EOT.

Portfolio Finance Career

If you’re considering a portfolio FD or FC career this is the talk for you. Why have one job when you can have several and choose who you work with? Our Associates share their experience of having a portfolio career and working within SMEs as their Virtual Finance Director or Virtual Finance Controller. This talk is popular with accountancy  Contact us if you are interested in being notified or would like to have a chat in confidence about stepping into a portfolio career.

Plan Your Business Exit

For successful business planning, you should consider your exit strategy 3-5 years ahead. This talk is perfect for SME business owners ready to think strategically about this.


  • Business Sale routes
  • Manager Buyout vs EOT
  • Prep for Sale – tips
  • Example case studies

If you would like James Shand to deliver a talk please contact him for an initial discussion. He’s very happy to create a tailored talk to suit your desired outcomes and audience.

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vfdnet Workshops

vfdnet deliver business finance workshops or can provide one-to-one bespoke coaching. Our workshop training style is interactive with participants able to try out new terminology and techniques, with course material to take away. Here is a selection of workshops and we’d be happy to discuss these or a tailored solution for you.

Directors Duties

The demands on company Directors seem to be increasing, whether it is from ambitious employees, customers, suppliers or investors/lenders. How can the responsible Director reconcile the competing objectives? This half-day workshop combines the technical aspects of the current legislation, including the Companies Act 2006 and case law, tempered by our experience of working as FDs for ambitious SME owners and Directors.

Understand Accountant Speak

Do Finance Directors and accounts people seem to talk in a different language sometimes? Do you find Accountancy jargon confusing? In our Finance for Business Owners Workshop our qualified Finance Directors help you to interpret ‘Accountant’s speak’ and to de-bunk the jargon.

Thank you also for the accounts information although I’m sure my accountant will be surprised by all of my questions from now on!”
John, owner of a chocolate retail and wholesale business

To find out more download the Finance for Business Owners Workshop Factsheet.

Organise Your Own Finance Workshop

Would you like a financial planning workshop in your organisation, for your management team or members? Please contact James Shand.


Who will be leading these talks and workshops?

James Shand BSc FCA CF – Director

Introducing James Shand BSc FCA CF

James leads vfdnet and is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience. He has worked with entrepreneurial SME owners and managers as a Virtual Finance Director since 2004, enabling them to achieve successful growth. He has worked with business owners, lawyers and bankers in business sales (EOTs, MBOs and trade sales) and successful fundraising. He’s sharing his financial leadership and years of experience as a Virtual FD with you to help accelerate your business or your portfolio career.