Don’t Miss Your Golden Hour

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Don’t Miss Your Golden Hour

Imagine the first glorious hour of a sunrise early in the morning or the precious last hour of sunlight where everything appears in a softer, subtler hue. It’s not something I am able to enjoy every day but when I do it’s a moment of reflection and stillness. What I refer to as The Golden Hour.  

In the same way, you may be at that sweet spot in your career, you may be in that golden hour when you have the luxury of the choice of whether to do a portfolio career, move into interim work or pursue your next full-time job.  

How will you know you’re in that Golden Hour?   

Well, you will have built up experience of leading finance that might be at the virtual finance director level through doing transactions, mergers and acquisitions or fundraising or it may be at virtual financial controller level where you’ve led with clear vision over system development, developing cracking management accounts that have really propelled the growth and profitability of your employer’s business.  

Take too long and it’s gone!

Another key feature of the Golden Hour is timing. If you leave it too late then you walk out in that twilight zone and you miss the glorious sunshine and you’re soon into darkness. In the same way, if you leave the portfolio career decision too late, then without that financial buffer, the cash reserves that you need to sustain you in the early months, you may not have that choice anymore. That option has gone, at least at that moment.   You may be forced down the path of an interim role or the next full-time role purely to sustain your income and enable you to keep your finances in order.  

Don’t waste your Golden Hour opportunity

It can be very frustrating when folk who are in the golden hour don’t recognise the special golden moment and squander that opportunity so that when they don’t take the decision at the best time but sit on the fence. As a result, when they come back to take the portfolio decision, they discover that actually it’s too tight and that they need to take an alternative course of action.   That’s a huge waste, in my view, a waste of an opportunity where they could lead an incredibly fulfilling and varied lifestyle by utilising their reserves in a very efficient way.

Are you in that Golden Hour?

Ask James Shand about a portfolio career to see if it could be your time, your golden hour. Being ready to create your own opportunities doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  

We recognise how daunting that can be. So vfdnet is not purely a membership organisation but a mentoring one too! To help you make the shift from employee to running your own business, learning from experienced portfolio finance leaders, like James!   

Plus, you’ll be a part of a collaborative network and have access to business development tools. You’ll give yourself a much greater chance of success as a vfdnet Associate.  

Book a call with James.

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